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DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year

SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) Upper Old Tampa Bay Water Quality Improvement Project

Design-Builder:Johnson Bros. Corporation, a Southland Company
Owner:Florida Department of Transportation
Engineer: Volkert, Inc.
Specialty Consultants:Garrett Engineering, Inc.
Foundation & Geotechnical Engineering
Harbor Corrdination Solutions, Inc.
Specialty Contractors:Case Atlantic Company
Highway Safety Devices, Inc.
Universal Engineering

The project consisted of constructing a 229-foot bridge opening on the SR 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway) west of Ben T. Davis Beach to improve water circulation in the adjacent portion of Old Tampa Bay. This portion of the bay became stagnant and had lower water quality than the rest of the bay. Stormwater runoff and other pollutants were becoming trapped because of inadequate tidal flushing, inhibiting natural treatment. The channel was required to flow at 100% capacity in less than a year after Notice to Proceed and the construction could not interrupt traffic on one of the busiest roadways in Tampa.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year

Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department Optimization and Improvements Continuing Design-Build Contract 2015-2018

Design-Builder:Globaltech, Inc.
Owner:Palm Beach County
Contractor:Globaltech, Inc.
Engineer:Globaltech, Inc.
Specialty Consultant(s):
Hillers Electrical Engineering, Inc.

Bridge Design Associates, Inc.  
Specialty Contractor(s):
Energy Efficient Electric, Inc.

G&G Industrial Services, Inc.

The Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department, comprising a vast countywide network of facilities, developed a unique three-year Continuing Design-Build Contract approach to streamline capital and renewal/replacement projects reducing both schedule and costs, Using this innovative approach, 16 GMP Work Authorizations were negotiated with a $2 million limit (CCNA), for a total value of $16,303,668.

This successful program promoted a comfort level with the Design-Build process and allowed the Owner to become a regional leader in deploying this method of project delivery. PBCWUD has delivered over 100 projects and has fostered adaptation of this delivery method by surrounding utilities.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year

Pinellas County Jail Infrastructure Upgrade
Clearwater, FL

Design-Builder:Moss & Associates, LLC
Owner:Pinellas County Real Estate Management
Architects:CGL Ricci Greene

Mason Blau Associates, Inc.

McCarthy & Associates
Specialty Contractor:Accurate Controls, Inc.
Specialty Consultants:Rogers & Rogers

APG Electric

Coreslab Structures Tampa, Inc.

B&M Masonry, Inc.

This $95,859,893 project included design and construction of two new buildings: a new office and warehouse building consolidating jail support services and a new infrastructure building housing a central energy plant, campus security control room, and new food and laundry service. The central energy plant utilizes a state-of-the-art cogeneration plant with primary power provided by a natural gas generator. Generator waste heat produces 20% of the campus chilled water via an absorption chiller. In addition, upgrades were made to the campus-wide security electronics backbone providing redundancy and consistency, and a second, existing kitchen was renovated.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year

Frisch Welcome Center | Jacksonville University
Jacksonville, FL 

Jacksonville University
Specialty Consultants:
Fox Blocks (ICF)
Specialty Contractors:
Guernsey Architectural Solutions, Inc.

David Allen Company

JUs Frisch Welcome Center takes a prominent position on campus and serves as a hub for prospective students and their families as well as a campus gathering space.

The facility houses the Admissions Office and includes a grand lobby with interactive technology, swag shop and presentation space that introduces visitors to the great JU campus experience.

The buildings overall design is inspired by both the Universitys iconic dolphin mascot, as well as the sites relationship to the existing tree canopy and proximity to the St. Johns River. The architectural aesthetic is focused on bringing a fresh, modern design style, with ample use of glass
and metal, that creates visual energy and heightens the visitor experience.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year

Districtwide Design-Build Pushbutton for FDOT District 1

The Ajax and WGI DB Team
FDOT District 1
Wantman Group, Inc.
Specialty Contractor:
Florida Safety Contractors, Inc.
Specialty Consultants:
Protean Design Group

Tierra, Inc.

The District 1 Design-Build Pushbutton Contract is a 3.5-year-long task work order contract for high-priority safety improvements within FDOT District 1 ranging from pedestrian and signal upgrades to newly-signalized intersections. Design-Build gives FDOT an unprecedented ability to rapidly respond to safety improvement needs with the innovation and expertise of design-builders. Each task work order is designed, constructed, and achieves final acceptance within 365 days and costs under $1M. Under this contract the Ajax/WGI DB Team completed 56 task work orders across District 1, providing widespread improvements to safety with the best value, utilizing DBIA best practices.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

Arbennie Pritchett Water Reclamation Facility Expansion
Fort Walton Beach, FL 

Design-Builder:CDM Smith
Owner:Okaloosa County Water and Sewer Department
Engineer:CDM Smith
Architect:CDM Smith
Specialty Consultant:
ACE Electric, Inc.
Specialty Contractor:
Precon Corporation

NWF Contractors, Inc.

In order to meet future demand as well as to take on new customers, Okaloosa County Water and Sewer decided to expand the 10-mgd Arbennie Pritchett WRF by 5-mgd with the assistance of CDM Smith as their design-build team. The expansion included new 5-mgd oxidation ditch, new 125-foot-diameter secondary clarifier, new 3,500-gpm RAS pump station, pump piping, MLSS CIP concrete, splitter structure, additional UV disinfection modules, effluent pumping improvements, yard and piping improvements, new electrical building including new 480V MCC, new temp 750 KVA generator, new automatic transfer switch, new Gulf Power pad mounted transformed, and associated I&C improvements.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

SR 528 Innovation Way
Orange County, FL 

Owner:Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX)
Contractor:The Lane Construction Corporation
Engineer:DRMP, Inc.
Specialty Consultant:Elipsis Engineering & Consulting, LLC
Specialty Contractors:
Dane Construction

Florida Industrial Electric

Welbro Building Corporation
Other Key Professionals:
Owner's Representative - Dewberry

Lane and DRMP proposed an innovative bridge design that used an all concrete superstructure, saving the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) over $2 million in project costs while improving aesthetics and lowering long-term maintenance costs. The $62.3 million project included the design and construction of five bridges, two toll plazas, and new lanes on SR 528 to accommodate future growth in the area, and a rail corridor for Virgin Trains USA. The new ramps and ramp plazas alleviate traffic congestion to and from SR 528 providing drivers with many time-saving options. The ramp plazas feature both exact-coin and E-PASS-only lanes.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award 

East Central Regional Rail Trail Phase 4B and Phase 5
Volusia County, FL

Design-Builder:P&S Paving, Inc. and GAI Consultants, Inc.
Volusia County
GAI Consultants, Inc.
Specialty Consultants: 
Cardno Haynes Whaley
Specialty Contractor:
Southland Construction Company

The P&S Team delivered the East Central Regional Rail Trail Phases 4B and 5 design- build project for Volusia Countyinvolving the design and construction of an approximately 19.74-mile-long, 12-ft-wide, asphalt, shared-use path along the existing East Central Florida Regional Rail corridor from Gobblers Lodge Road to Maytown Spur Road (Phase 4B), and from the Brevard County Line to Cow Creek (Phase 5). The project also included construction of two trailheads with parking facilities in each phased section, and five pedestrian bridges spanning environmentally sensitive wetlands and waterways throughout the trail. The project was completed within an aggressive timeline and budget.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award 

SR 9B Phase III from CR 2209 to I-95 Interchange
Tampa, FL 

Superior Construction
Florida Department of Transportation

SR 9B Phase III is a vital transportation link for the rapidly growing Northwest St. Johns County region of Florida. This final segment extends the SR 9B freeway system southward and provides improved access to Interstates 95 and 295 in Jacksonville, as well as connecting the rapidly expanding residential and commercial development.

This project completes the final 2.5 miles of the limited access highway, and includes nine bridges, four pairs of new overpass bridges, prefabricated pedestrian bridge, full intelligent traffic system (ITS), and lighting. The signature structures are the twin bridges over Durbin Creek and the surrounding wetlands. Crews constructed these twin, 833-ft long bridges from temporary work trestles to minimize environmental impacts.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Merit Award 

JFK Medical Center Parking Garage
Atlantis, FL 

Design-Builder:R. R. Simmons Design and Construction, LLC
Owner:JFK Medical Center Limited Partnership D/B/A JFK Medical Center
Architect:Knovations, LLC
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (Civil)

Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc. (Structural)

KBA Engineering, Inc. (Electrical)

Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc. (Mechanical/Plumbing)

As R.R. Simmons third Design/Build structured parking solution on HCAs JFK Medical Center campus, the most recent parking project presented the greatest challenge for the Design/Build team. Unlike the first two more function-oriented projects tucked behind the established hospital, the current eight-level structure is front and center with architectural and logistical impacts for the larger, ongoing renovation of the massive campus. A highly-constrained project placement along with the endless relocation of mission- critical utilities pressed the R.R. Simmons Design/Build team to stretch its imagination to solve these project-specific challenges while mindfully protecting the operational health of the large medical center. The success of this project is a testament to the high level of cooperation between the HCA hospital staff, design consultants, and diligent subcontractors and vendors.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Merit Award

KL Corporate Headquarters
Delray Beach, FL 

Kaufman Lynn Construction/RLC Architects 
FFS Partners, LLC
Kaufman Lynn Construction
RLC Architects
Specialty Contractor:
LA Design

The development and construction of Kaufman Lynn Constructions new headquarter is a perfect exam- ple of how creativity and teamwork can create a signature structure, with limited funds and even less time available. The 23,271 SF office building, which seems to float atop a concrete podium and showcases a variety of building mate- rials, was built in just 9 months.