Owner Resources

Owners (as defined by DBIA) are the individuals who work for organizations that control the design and construction processes, such as a government agency, academic institution, non-profit organization, private facility owner, etc. Owners decide what gets built, when it gets built and how it gets built, so their role in design-build is critical.
Design-build is replete with opportunities for owners to exercise judgment and to use discretion. DBIA offers a variety of resources to help them oversee the most successful projects and achieve Design-Build Done RightTM.
National Resources
DBIA National offfers a variety of resources for owners including education, an owner hotline, project database, scholarships and forums. CLICK HERE to find out more.
Florida Resources
The DBIA Florida Region is committed to further the understanding of the design-build delivery system and Best Practices in Design-Build. Our Owners Council leads this effort by offering peer-to-peer communication. The Region has also established the Louis J. Martinez Owner Scholarship Fund to benefit Florida owners and public agencies who would like to attend, participate and/or provide volunteer support to DBIA conferences, training sessions, programs and activities. The Program is intended to help offset costs to owners and public agency representatives associated with:
  • Registration fees and some travel expenses for Regional and National DBIA functions, programs and conferences
  • Registration for DBIA Training Courses and obtaining DBIA Certification (Florida Courses)
  • Participating in DBIA programs as a speaker, panelist or volunteer
  • Participating as a Chairperson, Instructor or Committee Member for a DBIA sponsored event

In addition to the above, the Program may be used to help offset the costs of providing owner specific training for public agencies or development of DBIA local training programs, at the discretion of the local Regional Board of Directors. 


Annual Sponsors