So Much More Than An Association

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the DBIA Florida Region. As a membership-based organization, we rely on your support. In return for your involvement, you will make valuable contacts and increase your insight into the design-build industry.

Please reach out to the committee chairs to find out how to engage.

Annual Conference Committee

As the only association representing the entire spectrum of design and construction professionals, DBIA fosters the kind of collaboration that powers industry transformation. DBIA national and regional conferences across the country convene multiple disciplines and stakeholders to bring together disparate perspectives for real-world application. The DBIA Florida Region annual conference committee is charged with planning the statewide conference for the Florida Region, including: organizing Design-Build Done Right educational programming, engaging Owners across the state to participate and attend, and working with practitioners to identify key topics to discuss throughout the conference. Conference participants include professionals representing every facet of the design-build industry, including contractors, architects, engineers, consultants, and public and private Owners.

Annual Conference Committee Chair

Dixie Lamoureux, Assoc. DBIA
PCL Construction

Legal Legislation Committee

The legal and legislation committee serves as a resource for Owners and practitioners for interpreting and applying Florida statutory requirements to design-build procurements and projects, including FS 287.055 (CCNA) and FS 286.0113 (Confidential Meetings). Committee is responsible for reviewing existing design-build legislation, making recommendations for legislative initiatives as applicable, organizing a minimum of four educational programs per year working in collaboration with the Chapter Chairs, and steering the development and execution of contracts and legal specific programming for the annual statewide conference working under the direction of the Conference Chair and working in collaboration with the conference committee. Committee is also responsible for providing content for various communication channels (website, newsletter, social media, etc.) Chair shall also serve as liaison to DBIA National Contract Documents Committee. 

Legal & Legislation Committee Chair

Christopher Horton, Esq.
Smith, Currie & Hancock LLP 

Owners Council

The Owners council committee provides a voice and serves as a resource for Owners seeking information about design-build. The Owners council provides input and guidance to the Board of Directors by informing on Owner needs and trends. The committee is responsible for engaging public- and private-sector Owners and serving as a liaison to Owner-focused organizations such as NIGP, FAPPO, and others. The committee will also serve as a resource for Chapters and Market Committees looking to implement owner programming.  In addition, the Council is responsible for promoting the annual statewide conference and scholarship opportunities to Owners throughout Florida and providing content for the quarterly DBIA Florida Region newsletter.

Owners Council Chair

Eric Smith, P.E.
City of Daytona Beach

Membership Committee

DBIA is all about collaboration-driven success. The membership committee is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the membership program with a focus on engagement, recruitment, and retention. The committee is responsible for connecting with new members via phone or email within 30 days of membership activation. In addition, the committee shall provide support to Chapter Chairs to host membership social events with a goal of one per chapter. Drives Young Professional and Student Membership activity and engagement working closely with the Chapters and College & University Committee chairs. Chair will also serve as a liaison to the DBIA National Membership Committee. 

Membership Committee Chair

Melissa Caruso

Marketing & Communications Committee

The marketing and communications committee works closely with the specialty marketing and communications consultants as retained by the Region. The committee and specialty consultant(s) develop and implement a statewide marketing plan to position DBIA as the design-build authority in Florida. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to promoting DBIA, programs, and events through various communication channels (i.e. website, social media, etc.), developing and disseminating thought leadership and perspective content, developing and maintaining an editorial calendar, and updating the DBIA Florida Region website as appropriate. 

Marketing & Communications Committee Chair

Anxhela Ruvina
Ferguson Waterworks

College & University Committee

The college and university committee is responsible for promoting the incorporation of design-build best practices into design and construction curriculum at Florida colleges and universities, helping colleges and universities establish DBIA student chapters and participate in the annual DBIA student competition, and implementing DBIA Floridas undergraduate and graduate scholarship program.

College & University Committee Chair

Carolyn Bonaventura, DBIA

Market Committees

The market committees are responsible for steering statewide dialogue, outreach, initiatives, and events to promote the use of design-build best practices, and position DBIA Florida Region as a trusted advisor for Design-Build Done Right. At a minimum, market committees will focus on the following:

  • Owner Engagement Work in collaboration with the Owners Council to engage Owners across the state, understand their needs, and provide design-build education.
  • Programs Organize and host market and design-build specific programs in collaboration with the Chapters (minimum of four programs per calendar year).
  • Annual Conference Steer the planning and development of market-specific programming for the annual statewide conference working under the direction of the Conference Chair and in collaboration with the conference committee.
  • Thought Leadership Steer statewide discussions and share thought leadership (website, newsletter, social media, etc.) to promote design-build best practices, facilitate collaboration, and provide access to design-build information.

Transportation Markets Chair

Pat McGriff, PE, DBIA
The Lane Construction Corporation

Vertical Markets Chair

Michael Happ, DBIA
Hensel Phelps Construction

Water Markets Chair

Leslie Samel, PE
CDM Smith

Programs Committee

Thie Programs Committee works with the chapters and committees to schedule and deliver programs across the Region that include topics of interest to the Region and that provide networking opportunities. They serve as a resource to chapters and committees helping them to develop their topics and program budgets. This committee provides guidance and assistance to ensure programs deliver value to members and align with the DBIA best practices. The committee chair or assigned committee member plays a pivotal role in the content for the Annual Conference each year.

Programs Committee Chair

Trooper Smith, PE, DBIA, ENV SP
Freese and Nichols, Inc.