Owner Award

Thomas "Tommy" Rawls

1967 - 2021

Thomas "Tommy" Rawls Distinguished Owner Award

The DBIA Florida Region is accepting nominations for the Thomas Tommy Rawls Distinguished Owner Award which is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated leadership in the advancement of effective design-build practices and in the promotion of design-build as a project delivery method of choice.

Tommy personified the ultimate design-build leader. His attitude of positivity was infectious. He used his strengths as a team and relationship builder, collaborator, facilitator, problem solver, educator, encourager, cheerleader, salesman, and best and trusted friend to organize and guide his teams to achieve success.

In his role as owner project manager on complex wastewater, water, and transportation projects, Tommy got actively engaged in DBIA at national, regional, and chapter levels. Two of his design-build projects received DBIA national and regional awards. He was a featured presenter at multiple DBIA conferences. Tommy was particularly proud of his involvement at both national and regional levels in water/wastewater, conference planning, and owners committees. He was named 2017 Volunteer of the Year.

Nomination Process

Nominations are open to any Florida Owner. Nominations must describe how the nominee has demonstrated leadership in advancing effective design-build practices and promoting design-build as the project delivery method of choice.

  • Provide details regarding how the nominee’s efforts and achievements have furthered the understanding and use of design-build as an effective and efficient delivery method.
  • What makes this nominee stand out?
  • Specific examples strengthen the nomination, as do specific references to involvement at the DBIA national, regional and/or local chapter levels. (300 words or less)
  • Specific attention should be focused on the nominee’s efforts and achievements in furthering the understanding and use of design-build as an effective and efficient delivery method.

Nominees need not hold DBIA membership. Nominations may be submitted by DBIA members, by other Owners or the nominees themselves. Please submit your entry no later than Friday, July 28, 2023.

2022 Recipient - Deborah Daugherty, Assoc. DBIA