Volunteer Awards

Volunteer of the Year

David Nardon, DBIA of Superior Construction was recognized as the 2022 DBIA Florida Region Volunteer of the Year. 

David has played a key role in organizing educational programs for the annual conference. This year he was given the additional task of helping to develop the program for a Spring Workshop. This task was completed with enthusiasm. Additionally, as the Transportation Markets Committee chair, he increased participation on the monthly calls due to his efforts to gain Owner participation from across the Southeast. 

Rising Star Award

Lee Hale, PE, DBIA of Hale Innovations, LLC was recognized with the Rising Award.  

As a new DBIA member, Lee jumped right in. He took over the role of leading our Central Chapter. This can be a challenging role, but Lee began chipping away at it looking for new ways to engage members. The chapter now has a core group looking at innovative ways to provide networking and educational opportunities.   

Fostering Collaboration Award

Joana Berling, AIA, DBIA with Novus Architects was recognized for embracing collaboration

A 2022 goal of the DBIA Florida Region was to diversify our membership with a specific focus on architects. Joana embraced that goal as the Vertical Markets Committee Chair. She began discussions with AIA and formed a joint committee of DBIA and AIA members to discuss relevant design-build issues. Congratulations Joana!

Ensuring Access Award

Cheryl Robitzsch, PE, DBIA received the Ensuring Access Award for sharing her experience. 

Cheryl served as the DBIA Florida Region's Owners Council Chair for two years. She was always willing to share her experience with Owners that are new to design-build. Coming from the practitioner side, she was able to help Owners understand the other side leading to a collaborative and a balanced approach.

Building the Future Award

DBIA looks to suport the industry in attracting the next generation of design and construction professionals. Tom Cross, PE with Frees & Nichols was recognized with this award. 

Tom worked to support his local university, the University of South Florida. He helped them to establish a DBIA student chapter. Passionate about helping students, Tom also serves as an adjunct professor at USF.