2017 Project Awards




DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year

SR 826 (Palmetto Expressway)/SR 836 (Dolphin Expressway) Interchange Improvements
Miami-Dade, FL 
Design-Builder: Condotte/Community/de Moya JV   
Owner: Florida Department of Transportation
District 6
Engineer: BCC Engineering, Inc.
This $559 million Design-Build-Finance project was the final and largest segment of 12 sections of the Palmetto Expressway Improvements program developed by the Florida Department of Transportation. This Project involved the reconstruction of the interchange between SR 826 and SR 836, two limited access facilities, as well as the reconstruction of the service interchanges at SR 826 and Flagler Street, at SR 836 and NW 72nd Avenue and at SR 836 and NW 87th Avenue. Capacity improvements included the reconstruction and widening along both SR 826 and SR 836, and the construction of 47 bridges. Four high-level precast segmental bridges traverse the core of the interchange and form the centerpiece of the intersection.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year
Orlando Police Department Headquarters
Orlando, FL
Design-Builder: H.J. High Construction
Owner: City of Orlando
Architect: Architects Design Group
Engineer: RTM Engineering


H. J. High served as design-builder for the new Orlando Police Department Headquarters. The three-story tilt wall building includes secured parking and is designed to meet LEED certification with features such as day-lighting, energy efficient mechanical systems and environmentally friendly finishes. The ground floor has a lobby as well as recruiting offices, community meeting room, and gymnasium, and is occupied by the Quartermaster and Patrol Divisions. The 2nd floor includes the Interview Suite, Report Review Information Unit and Criminal Intake. The Police Division is the main occupant on the 3rd floor along with Professional Standards, Technology Management and Support Services.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year
Commercial Crew Capability Transportation (CCtCap) at Launch Complex 41
Cape Canaveral, FL 
Design-Builder: Hensel Phelps Construction Co.
Owner: United Launch Alliance
Architect: Nishkian Dean

Fives Lund / Nelson Engineering / RS&H

Specialty Contractors: Oregon Iron Works/Vigor Works (CAA & Hydraulic System Structure), Western Integrated Technologies (Hydraulic Drive System), Sauer (Integrator of the CAA), Steel LLC (Steel Fabrication & Erection)
Specialty Consultant(s): Cool Springs Consulting (CFMS), Nasa Astronauts

The CCtCap project for United Launch Alliance provided the retrofitting of Launch Complex – 41 to accommodate the new CST-100 Starliner Space Capsule. The project includes a new Crew Access Tower (CAT), a Crew Access Arm (CAA), and modifications to the platforms inside the existing Vertical Integration Facility (VIF) building adjacent to the Launch Complex. The CAT supports the CAA, which is moveable by a hydraulic system, and will allow future Astronauts safe, reliable access to the capsule.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year
UF College of Veterinary Medicine Clinical Skills Laboratory 
Gainesville, FL
Design-Builder: Oelrich Construction
Owner: UF Planning Design & Construction
Architect: Walker Architects
Engineer: Affiliated Engineers
Specialty Consultant: Structural Engineers Group  

The University of Florida's Clinical Skills Laboratory project involved the construction of three new floors on top of an occupied building at the UF College of Veterinary Medicine. The $4.8 million vertical addition includes an immersive teaching laboratory, infectious diseases/pathology research laboratory, and a mechanical penthouse. The LEED-Gold certified Clinical Skills Laboratory provides outdoor views to over 90% of the office/clinic spaces. One of the only simulation labs of its kind in the U.S., the facility provides veterinary students with the opportunity to learn techniques such as tying sutures, inserting IV catheters, drawing blood samples, and identifying parasites

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year
Sisters Creek Bridge Replacement Design-Build
Duval County, FL 
Design-Builder: Archer Western  
Owner: FDOT, District 2


Specialty Contractors: Atlantic Coast Asphalt, Dane Construction Company, Hayward Baker, Inc., James D. Hinson Electrical Contracting Company, Inc., Safety Contractors, Inc., CDS Manufacturing, Inc., Lee Composites, Inc., Prestige Concrete Products, Inc., The Reinforced Earth Company
Specialty Consultants: Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc., INTERA, Inc., Environmental Services, Inc., IDA Consulting Engineers, Inc., Clary & Associates, Inc., Peters & Yaffee, Inc.

The Sisters Creek Bridge exemplifies the application of the design-build delivery method to drive innovation, community and environmental enhancements, and best value for stakeholders. In collaboration with FDOT, the Archer Western/RS&H team overcame numerous project challenges, such as poor soils, pedestrian safety concerns, and a constrained project site to deliver solutions in ways that were never thought possible. As a result, the community expressed resounding support for this project.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Project of the Year
Intercoastal Waterway Crossings at Las Olas Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Design-Builder: David Mancini & Sons, Inc.
Owner: City of Fort Lauderdale
Engineer: A&P Consulting Transportation
Specialty Consultant: DCP Water: Hazen and Sawyer
Specialty Contractor: DCP Sewer: Craven Thompson & Associates, Inc.
Other Key Professionals: HDD Driller: DBE Utility Services  
Dredging planned for the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) required rapid replacement of the City of Fort Lauderdale’s (City’s) water main at the Las Olas Boulevard bridge at a deeper elevation or risk cutting of the water main.  The City completed the replacement water main crossing of the ICW at Las Olas Boulevard in record time via collaborative design-build procurement, overlapping the design, permitting and construction phases to accelerate project delivery. This approach allowed completing the project 20 percent faster than the traditional procurement method and in advance of the ICW dredging at the bridge.
DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award
BayCare Integrated Service Center
Tampa, FL 
Design-Builder:  R.R. Simmons Construction                                       
Owner: BayCare Health System
Architect: Knovations
Engineer: King Guinn Structural Engineers
Specialty Consultant: Stantec (Civil Engineers)
Specialty Contractor: TLC Mechanical & Electrical Engineers

BayCare is the largest healthcare provider on the West Coast of Florida. At the core of its hospital system is the newly designed and constructed BayCare Integrated Service Center. This 208,029 square foot facility provides a state of the art logistic center for everything from clinical pharmacy and surgical kitting to complete stocking of all necessary healthcare supplies. This just-in­time center allows BayCare to shift critical hospital space from warehousing back to life saving clinical space. It is smart-planning strategically implemented by the Design/Build delivery system.


DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

Interstate 75 Improvements
From Pasco/Hernando County Line to South of SR 50
FDOT District 7
Hernando County, FL 
Design-Builder: The Middlesex Corporation  
Owner: Florida Dept. of Transportation District 7
Engineer: American Consulting Professionals, LLC
Specialty Consultant: L.A., Cumbey/Fair, Rooks, Omni, Aleman, Quest
Specialty Contractors: Oglesby, Redland, United Signs & Signals, Bob's,  
This Project widened 5.4 miles of I-75 (SR 93) from four to six lanes, with consideration for future eight- and 10-lane widening, from the Pasco/Hernando County line to one mile south of SR 50/US 98. The Team developed cost-effective, innovative design and construction solutions and were awarded the Project with the highest bid price and highest technical score. The Team added one lane in each direction, increased vertical clearance for existing bridges, cleared trees enhancing horizontal sight distance, provided cross slope correction, milled, resurfaced, and provided drainage improvements, stormwater management facilities, and floodplain compensation for the future 10-lane section. 

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization's (MPO) 
Complete Streets Initiative
Lee County, FL 
Design-Builder: Owen-Ames-Kimball Co.  
Owner: Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Engineer: Hole Montes Inc.
Specialty Consultant: Atkins NA
The Lee County MPO was awarded $10.4 million from USDOT TIGER (Transportation Investments Generating Economic Recovery) grant program to create a safer transportation network and attract more users by providing additional ADA accessible Multi-Use Paths, Sidewalks, Paved Shoulders, Bike Lanes and 11 new LeeTran Bus Shelters. Three unique segment areas incorporating 11 projects were identified that experience heavy use, but lacked the connectivity to other parts of the County. These segments include the Tour de Parks Loop, University Loop and the Bi-County Connector. These new additions have added approximately 12.5 miles to Lee Counties Bicycle and Pedestrian Trails.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

Main Street Bridge (Duval County) Historical Renovation Project (SR 5) Emergency Design-Build
Duval County, FL 
Design-Builder: Hal Jones Contractor, Inc.  
Owner: FDOT District 2
Engineer: WGI
The Design-Build Team of Hal Jones Contractor and WGI successfully replaced and restored the historic bridge elements of the US 17 Main Street Bridge over Hogans Creek in downtown Jacksonville. The bridge elements were designed in the early 1900s by famed architect Henry James Klutho, and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The D-B Team provided innovation, expedited plans delivery, and permitting, as well as rapid project completion to reopen a high-volume roadway for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. The Team received a $250,000 incentive for delivering the project within 260 calendar days of contract execution.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

The City of Tarpon Springs Alternative Water Supply Project
Tarpon Springs, FL 
Design-Builder: Wharton-Smith, Inc.
Owner: City of Tarpon Springs
Architect: Tetra Tech
Engineer: Tetra Tech
Specialty Consultant: Harn RO Systems
The $36M project included four components: a Greenfield 6.4 MGD RO water treatment facility, 15 shallow water wells, 31,000'  of HDPE raw water pipelines, concentrate disposal aeration system and pipeline. The facility included an operations/process building, 3 RO skids with dual feed pumps in series, CIP system, bridge crane, degas and biological odor control; chemical storage/feed facilities, chemical contact chamber with clear well, transfer pumps, 5 MG storage tank and high service pumps. All site work, electrical, security, and I&C work were included in the project. A 2500 kilowatt Tier IV generator and a deep injection well by the City were installed.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Honor Award

Dale Mabry Diversion Pipelines
Hillsborough County, FL 
Design-Builder: Westra Construction Corp..  
Owner: Hillsborough County Public Utilities
Engineer: McKim & Creed, Inc.
Specialty Consultant: Valerin Group, Inc.
Specialty Contractor:  Centerline Directional Drilling
The first of four projects composing the $250-million capital improvements program was the Dale Mabry Diversion Pipelines project. It was critical for this pivotal project to be successful to set the stage for the remaining three phases of the program. Success factors included budget, schedule, safety, environmental and community impact parameters.

The $25.9 million design-build project was completed on time, within budget, and with minimal community disruption. This was achieved through proactive and creative risk management, community outreach and construction management practices.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Merit Award

Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Building 100
St. Augustine, FL 
Design-Builder: The Austin Company  
Owner: Northrop Grumman Corporation
Architect: The Austin Company
Building 100, Northrop Grumman Aerospace System's new 366,000 square-foot production home for the U.S. Navy's E-2D Advanced Hawkeye aircraft, was designed and built under a demanding schedule, on a constrained site, and with challenging weather conditions. the success of the project is a testament to the dedicated hard work of the entire project team. 

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Merit Award

I-75 (SR 93) Improvements from North of Hernando County Line to South of CR 470
Hernando/Sumter Counties, FL 
Design-Builder: The Middlesex Corporation
Owner: Florida Dept. of Transportation District 5
Engineer: WGI
Specialty Consultant: Tierra
The Middlesex Corporation/Wantman Group, Inc., provided  design enhancements and innovative solutions to design and construct this I-75 project, delivering it 7 months ahead of schedule. The Team used Design-Build Best Practices to provide significant benefits to Florida Department of Transportation's District 5 budget, its critical time allocation and, most importantly, to the traveling public and adjacent communities. Widening 13.3 miles of busy interstate from four-lanes to six-lanes from the Hernando County Line to south of CR 470 included complete reconstruction of the SR48/I-75 Interchange and widening of SR 48 from a two-lane rural roadway to a five-lane urban section.

DBIA Florida Region Design-Build Merit Award

Minneola Interchange Project
Design-Builder: The Middlesex Corporation  
Owner: Florida's Turnpike Enterprise
Engineer: AECOM
Specialty Consultant: Metric Engineering
Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE), a District of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) in 2015 for the $30 million Minneola Interchange Design-Build project (Project). It included the construction of a partial cloverleaf interchange with All Electronic Tolling (AET) creating Exit 278 along the SR 91 (Turnpike) mainline in Lake County.  The Project also extended Hancock Road and included the Hancock Road Bridge over the Turnpike’s mainline. The interchange connected North Hancock Road with CR 561A to accommodate the rapid growth and development in Lake County and the City of Minneola.




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